Students Matter

"My teachers were amazing – always willing to spend extra time with us on projects outside of the classroom.”
– Dr. Roseanne Wolf, associate professor of mathematics, University of Dubuque; graduate of Saint Mary’s, Storm Lake


Choosing a Catholic education is an important and emotional decision. As parents, we want our children to be educated with family values and sense of belonging in a nurturing environment.

Most of all, we want our kids to rise above the rest. We want the best for them and we want them to BE the best. 

In our Catholic Schools throughout Northwest Iowa, we challenge every student to higher academic standards.

ACADEMIC SUCCESS – Statistically, our students achieve higher test scores nationally and on the state level, compared to their public school counterparts. Our teachers challenge students to work hard, think smart and serve others. Our teachers, staff, and administrators are focused on one thing – student success (academically, spiritually and emotionally).

RIGOROUS STANDARDS – Students who do well in school have smoother transitions to adulthood and enjoy more success throughout life. Our 100% graduation rate is proof-positive students are benefitting from the rigorous education and nurturing environment we provide.

SCHOLARSHIPS – Find out about our generous tuition assistance through our Scholarship Program or call 712-255-7933.


Because we want our kids to be the best, a Catholic education is the best choice.

If you have any questions or would like more information, please feel free to contact us at 712-233-7527 or




Patty Lansink

Superintendent of Schools


Our Mission
Essential to the educational ministry of the Church, the Catholic Schools of the Diocese of Sioux City are fulfilling the Church’s mission to teach as Jesus did. Together with the support of parents, teachers, administrators, clergy, parishioners and the community at large, we are committed to providing an education rooted in the Gospel of Jesus Christ where Catholic doctrine and values and academic excellence prepare each student for a life of faith, service and integrity.