There’s no better way to invest in your child’s future than by choosing our Catholic Schools. Faith, academics, service, and values truly are dividends payable throughout your child's life. 

Assitance matters

$3 Million

Awarded in tuition scholarships in 2019

2020-2021 Scholarship Information

Our tuition assistance program is supported by over 700 individual donors and our parish communities and provides expanded opportunities to help qualifying families afford the Catholic School of their choice. In 2019, over 58% of students that applied received tuition scholarship assistance. Tuition scholarship assistance is available to all families whose 2019 total income meets state eligibility guidelines.
Mirroring the higher education model for financial aid to help determine the amount of tuition scholarship for each student. Once again we will be using TADS as our third party provider to ensure the most accurate and timely information is used to determine tuition scholarship dollars  awarded. Rest assured, our schools will work with your family to make Catholic education affordable.
We strongly encourage every family to complete an application. The Diocesan Financial Scholarship coupled with our local tuition assistance program will be able to make Catholic Education affordable for all.
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Local Assistance

Our local Catholic schools offer various types of additional local assistance for families in need and will gladly work with your family to help make Catholic Schools an option for you! 

For example, many of our schools give discounts when families enroll more than one child. For more information on tuition costs and payment plans, please visit your local school’s webpage at Our Catholic Schools and contact the administrator of your local school.

Scrip Program

Scrip is like "substitute money" that earns rebates. When you purchase scrip you are purchasing gift cards towards almost any store or business, both local and national. A portion of your purchase made with the gift card goes towards your family's tuition and a portion goes to either the school or parish. There is no extra money spent, just money earned. 


How does SCRIP work? 

Contact your local school to see if the SCRIP program is in place. Before filling the tank or getting groceries, pick up a SCRIP gift card from your school/parish or download it on your smartphone. Then, use your SCRIP gift card when making purchases. In appreciation for your business, each retailer donates to your school an average of 10 cents of every dollar you spend.  



Where Is SCRIP Accepted?  More than 60 local businesses and 400 national retailers accept SCRIP.  Local retailers proudly display their support with a “Participating SCRIP Retailer” sign.


Our Diocesan Scholarship Program together with local school support can help make a Catholic education affordable.