Values Matter 

Our values are centered around the word FAITH:

Family, Academics, Inspiration, Tradition, and Honor.

At the core of our values is ensuring a safe environment within our schools.


FAMILY   Family is everything. As the single most significant influence, the family is vital in protecting, nurturing and guiding children through life. In doing so, choosing a Catholic education for your family could be one of the best decisions you’ll ever make. Rest assured, together with parents, teachers, administrators, and parishes, the Catholic Schools of the Diocese of Sioux City form a well-established extended family for students. We teach and honor the values that will help them become caring, responsible and compassionate individuals.

ACADEMICS – It’s a well-known fact that students who do well in school are better at transitioning to adulthood and are more successful overall in their careers and finances. Statistically, students in our Catholic schools of Northwest Iowa achieve higher test scores nationally and on the state level, compared to students in public schools. Why? We have more rigorous educational standards. Our teachers challenge students to work harder and think more critically, not to mention our 100% graduation rate.

INSPIRATION – When young people are inspired, they are motivated to work harder and reach their full potential. Inspiration takes many forms in our schools – from giving students individualized attention, to identifying and growing their God-given talents and developing their faith life. One of the many reasons why the Catholic Schools of the Diocese of Sioux City are among the best in Iowa is our teachers believe inspiring students is one of the most important things they do every day.

TRADITION – Tradition has a way of defining us. It tells us who we are and helps guide us. Within our Catholic schools, traditions ground us as we practice our faith, live our values, gain new knowledge and serve others through mission. Every school day in each of our classrooms, students encounter value-centered experiences and faith-based practices, deeply rooted in tradition. This is just one of many reasons why a Catholic education rises far above that of public schools.

HONOR– From day one, our students learn honesty in their school work, in their relationships with God, with themselves and with others. Because honesty is so highly valued in our classrooms, on our playgrounds and athletic fields, students discern right from wrong. We believe teaching the value of honesty is necessary in developing their character, integrity and self-esteem. It is the very fiber of their moral compass and a critical building block in their emotional strength. We are committed to preparing your student for a bright future filled with promise through the value of honesty.